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Firmer tighter muscle tone and skin rejuvenation

A-Lift uses nanocurrent and microcurrent technology to combat ageing at a cellular and muscular level. Nano Current technology (electro-stimulation at such tiny wavelengths they can’t be felt) is known to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) productions in cells to accelerate their metabolism. This produces more proteins including collagen leading to better structure, improved toning and lift so the skin looks younger and refreshed!

01476 568 378

Procedure Time

60 - 90 minutes

Duration of Results

6 Months





Results seen in

30 Minutes

Back to work


Potential side effects


A-Lift Facial Prices

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Course of 10295Book Online

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the results last?

Following the recommended course of A-Lift treatments the results last up to 6 months

How do the results last up to 6 months?

Since our bodies generate new skin by copying our existing cells, all new skin cells are actually copies of each other. Each copy takes on the characteristic of the new skin cell before it. By boosting ATP levels of the cells, the copies begin to mimic the newly energised cells that proceed them, maintaining the benefits longer.

How long does a single treatment take?

Treatments vary from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on which course of facials you decide to book. The treatments range from an express facial through to the ultimate relaxation facial.

Who does the A-Lift benefit?
  • Male and female clients
  • Clients who are in their early twenties who want to maintain a youthful look and a brighter complexion
  • Clients aged 25 onwards (when the cel batteries don’t charge as well as they used to)
  • Mature clients who are wanting to maintain a healthy complexion and look more youthful
  • Clients who are wanting a quick fix before a special occasion

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