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Referred to as semi permanent make-up or dermal-pigmentation. Completely natural inorganic pigments are implanted beneath the epidermis (top layer of skin), into the dermal layer (second layer of skin), by needle micro insertion.

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Procedure Time

30 - 120 minutes

Duration of Results

6 - 18 months


Numbing Cream



Results seen in

30 - 120 minutes

Back to work


Potential side effects

Very low risk, treated area experiencing numbness and a rash, temporary bruising may also occur

Micro Pigmentation Prices

Brows295Book Online
Brow Annual Top Up195Book Online
Lips295Book Online
Lip Annual Top Up195Book Online
Eyeliner195Book Online
Eyeliner Annual Top Up175Book Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No. Permanent makeup is not completely painless, but is generally not perceived as pain. Thanks to the latest computer-controlled equipment and anesthetic creams there is minimal discomfort. Every client is different, some will feel vibrating or scratching and some will feel nothing at all.

How long does permanent makeup stay?

In general, permanent makeup will always be present. The intensity of your permanent makeup fades in the course of time. However, this is completely dependent from person to person. This is partly due to the natural cell renewal, the immune system and the influence of UV light.

Is there any special after care?

Basically after the application of permanent makeup there is no special aftercare needed. To ensure that your permanent makeup will be optimal, we will give you guidelines for after care during the healing of the skin.

Is the end result immediately visible?

No. The first week, the pigmentation is significantly darker than the final result. Within the first week of healing the intensity of the color will become about 40% softer. Due to the natural cell renewal, the end result of pigmentation will be visible after a period of approximately 3 to 5 weeks.

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