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Results look beautiful and completely natural

A microblade is dipped into a selected color of pigment and then used to make a fine cut, or microstroke, in the skin. This process results in the pigment being implanted into the skin, which is known as micropigmentation. With the proper technique, microbladed eyebrow results look beautiful and completely natural.

01476 568 378

Procedure Time

60 - 90 minutes

Duration of Results

12 - 36 months


Numbing Cream



Results seen in

60 - 90 minutes

Back to work


Potential side effects

Slight bleeding and bruising may occur

Microblading Prices

Brows200Book Online
Brow Annual Top Up175Book Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microblading Permanent?

Microblading is not permanent. The results from microblading have semi permanent qualities for two reasons. First, the pigment used for microblading has an iron oxide base rather than a carbon base that is used for permanent cosmetics. Second, microblading pigment is not implanted into the skin as deep when compared to permanent cosmetic procedures.

How long does Microblading last?

The healed results of microblading last between one and three years. The variation in time is determined by lifestyle, sun exposure and skin type. Someone with an oilier skin type tends to experience results that fade quicker compared to someone with a drier skin type.

Does Eyebrow Microblading hurt?

Keeping in mind that pain is subjective, most clients say they experience no discomfort during microblading. Any pain that was experienced has been compared to the feeling of a light scratch with minimal discomfort. Brows by Whitney uses a specialized technique to apply a topical anesthetic to provide a comfortable microblading experience. Some clients have even been able to take a nap while undergoing their eyebrow transformation.

How long does Microblading take?

The average microblading appointment lasts two hours. Nothing is ever rushed during your microblading appointment because the results are a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo that stays on your face for an extended period of time. We insist on being thorough and taking the time to provide the most beautiful, natural looking brows possible.

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